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Website architect

(Full-Stack Developer)

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As a website architect at Foneday you are constantly creating your own artwork. You work wonders with new features, but also with refinement and modernization of existing code. With your code you lay the building blocks of

Foneday in a nutshell

Foneday makes entrepreneurs happier with high-quality smartphone and tablet parts, including a satisfying portion of service, that exceeds expectations. We do not just carry boxes around, but try to build a relationship with the customer, who we support in both good and bad times.

You like this

At Foneday as a programmer you find yourself in a game: together with the team you try to achieve the next level again and again: you make the right choices to progress, and use the right skills to score the best possible result.​

​ Besides writing code on a daily basis, you enjoy contributing to Foneday. We appreciate a steady flow of ideas. In addition, you feel like a fish the water in a club of friends; an informal working environment. At Foneday you will not find big shots constantly bossing you around. Nice and relaxed. ​

​ You also enjoy taking Foneday to the next level with your commitment and input. You start with us as a full-stack developer, but if you want to grow to the next level, that door is open to you.​

You are

** You speak the language of PHP.

​ ** You love to build with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Javascript.​

** Your brain is an idea factory running at full speed.​

** You know the ins & outs of databases (SQL) and their optimization.​

** You are completely at home in one or more frameworks, such as Symfony, Laravel, etc.

** You have experience with Git.​

** Back-end systems and server management management are a piece of cake for you.

** You are bouncing with enthusiasm.​

** Creative solutions come to you like raindrops in Holland.

** You work accurately, where you as the architect of the website construct a foundation others can take example from.

​ ​ This earns you bonus points:

** Aside from architecture you also have a good eye for the complete picture (design and user interface).

​ ** You already had quite some flight hours with ​​Laravel.

​ ** You have experience with Vue.​

** It's no sweat for you to create native apps and / or PWAs.

You are looking for

When you become part of the Foneday club, we guarantee that we will take good care of you.​

​This is what we give back:
** A good salary with a nice bonus.

** An informal working atmosphere: short lines of communication and the atmosphere of a group of friends.

** You become part of an ambitious company.

** Opportunities to make a growth spurt in your field.

** An apple to bite in: A company Macbook.

** The Fun package: activities, discounts on our products and job satisfaction.

Interested? Flirt with us!

Do you think we are a match? Then flirt with us and apply! If you have any questions before, please call Mujteba Afshar on 013 - 833 00 55.

P.s. Recruiter or recruitment agency? Do not waste your precious time with us. We prefer to connect with our candidates ourselves.

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